- Movie tickets sold online through this website are done so on a no returns, exchange or cancellation basis.
- Refunds will not be issued for an incorrect selection. By completing your transaction you are accepting this policy.
- Please select your movie carefully and double check that the session and ticket information you have selected is correct to prevent you being out of pocket.
- To the extent permitted by law, all refunds will be at the discretion of Ace Cinemas.
- In the event of refunds being approved Ace Cinemas will refund the value of the Ticket based on the price at which the Ticket was offered by Ace Cinemas at the time of purchase.
- You agree that Ace Cinemas may retain any booking fees or other incidental costs such as postage incurred in issuing a refund.
- Without limiting its discretion to refuse refunds, Ace Cinemas may grant a refund in the following situations:

(a) Transactions that have been charged more than once due to an Internet error.
(b) Incorrect Ticket purchase in regards to session times, film title and/or cinema location where this was caused by Ace Cinemas.

- Ace Cinemas will provide compensation in the event of disruption of a session by means of:

(a) Power failure.
(b) Security alarm or any other incident requiring full evacuation of the cinema.
(c) Faults in presentation including loss of sound/picture of main feature film.

- Ace Cinemas may not grant a refund in the event of poor choice/liking of feature film/product.


- Prepaid Movie Vouchers and Gift Cards cannot be replaced or refunded if lost, stolen or damaged.
- Prepaid Movie Vouchers and Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash.
- All sales of Prepaid Movie vouchers and Gift Cards are considered final and returns, exchanges or refunds are not generally given, with the following limited exceptions:

(a) Product is faulty.
(b) Product is not as described.
(c) Incorrect product has been delivered.

- Ace Cinemas may, at its sole discretion, offer a refund or exchange in selected cases that are beyond the required legislation. However Ace Cinemas is under no obligation to do so and this provision should not be relied upon when making a purchase.

(a) Any refunds or exchanges under this provision will require a copy of your email confirmation (receipt) as proof of purchase.

- If a receipt is not presented. Ace Cinemas reserves the right not to offer an exchange or refund.
- Where a refund or exchange is offered, the product must be returned to Ace Cinemas including any bonus items or gift packaging.